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Pan's Labyrinth movie review

Pan's Labyrinth is a dark fantasy movie released in 2006 and is written and directed by Guillermo del Toro. It is in Spanish and features English subtitles. The movie is influenced by fairy tales and features many magical creatures.

The story is set in Spain in 1944.The story follows main character 10 year old Ofelia as she meets magical creatures and goes through the trials of an old labyrinth.

Visually, this movie looks fantastic. It uses a lot of practical effects to bring some of the creatures to life. By keeping the CGI to a minimum and using make-up and animatronics, the visual effects look more realistic, which helps you to really get into the story. The story also deals with the aftermath of the Spanish civil war. This is a unique setting which makes it stand out from other fantasy films being produced.

It is very well written and features a brilliant performance by Ivana Baquero, who plays Ofelia. Ivana gives the best performance in the whole film. The second best performance is by Doug Jones, who plays the Faun. The Faun is a great character whose trustworthiness is very ambiguous, you never really know if he has ulterior motives for helping Ofelia to complete her three tasks.