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Ride Along

Ride Along movie review

Ride Along is a 2014 action comedy directed by Tim Story and starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. The movie follows Ben Barber(Kevin Hart) a high school security guard, who just got accepted into the police academy, as he goes on a ride along with his girlfriends cop brother (Ice Cube) to impress him.

This movie is really funny. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube work really well together. There are many funny jokes that will have you laughing out loud. Ben is a very eager prospective police officer who wants to impress Ice Cubes character James. James is a experienced cop who wants nothing to do with Ben and just wants to get rid of him.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are very well cast and give excellent performances. Overall, this is a extremely entertaining movie. If you like movies like 21 Jump Street, then I highly recommend this movie.